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Thursday, 25 November 2021

COVID-19: Italy introduces the "Super Green Pass" system


Prime Minister Mario Draghi's executive on Wednesday introduced a "Super Green Pass" system that will exclude people who are not vaccinated against COVID19 from many activities.

The measures were unanimously adopted by a council of ministers. Sources said after the meeting that the measures would last from December 6 to January 15, but could then be extended if necessary.

The 'super green card', issued only to those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered from the coronavirus, will be required to participate in social, cultural and sporting activities even in low-COVID-risk white zones, although not to access work places.

Draghi's cabinet has adopted new rules, aimed at preventing the spread as the country is hit by the fourth wave of coronavirus. Enjoyed this post? Never miss out on future posts by following us.

The new system means that even if an area becomes medium-risk yellow or medium-high orange, there will be no restrictions on shops, bars, restaurants and cultural and recreational activities, as long as those involved have a Green Super Pass.

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However, all non-essential activities and businesses will be disrupted for everyone, as in the past, if an area is classified as a high-risk red zone.

In addition, people will have to wear masks outside if an area is a yellow zone or more, the sources said.

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Sources say the new system will go into effect on December 6.

Currently, the Green Pass shows a person has been vaccinated against COVID19, has recovered from the illness within the past six months, or has tested negative within the past six months. the last few days.


Thus, unvaccinated people can get a Green Card but they have to keep taking the test every few days to get a new card.

Green Cards are currently required to carry out a variety of activities in Italy, including access to cinemas, theaters and sports venues, travel on inter-regional trains and domestic flights, sitting to the table in bars and restaurants, and to work.


Sources said, the government has also decided to make COVID19 vaccination mandatory for teachers and policemen from December 15.

Currently, healthcare workers and nursing home workers are the only groups of workers. Most in Italy are required to be vaccinated against COVID19.

In addition, the government is preparing to make the third COVID vaccine mandatory for healthcare workers.

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