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Friday, 15 October 2021

Italy: Protests erupt as Green Pass comes into effect


The Green Permit health pass went into effect at all Italian companies on Friday, sparking significant protests and strikes.


Three of Italy's six major ports were disrupted.


The Green Pass indicates that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has recovered, or has tested negative in the past several days.The cheapest nicest hotels in Italy for October 2021 Check Prices


The permit, which was previously only necessary for restaurants, movies, and gyms, is now compulsory for all private and public sector employment as of Friday. 



2,000 dockers protested the pass in Trieste, a port that was expected to come to a halt as a result of the protests.


The port, however, is "functioning routinely," according to Friuli Governor Massimiliano Fedriga.


Dockers in Genoa halted operations at a main loading point, but truckers diverted to other locations, easing a long backlog.


A workers' sit-in in Ancona prevented entrance to the port.

Dockers, on the other hand, worked generally in Venice, Naples, and Palermo.


Meanwhile, scores of anti-pass demonstrators attempted, with varied degrees of success, to impede traffic in Rome. Police stopped a large number of them. All-inclusive Holiday  Check Prices


Electrolux, San Benedetto, and Zoppas were among the companies that went on strike.Find Your Ideal Hotel Deal in Italy

The Green Pass is the strongest vaccine mandate that any country has ever issued.


Protests against it became violent last Saturday in Rome, when a neofascist-led mob ransacked the headquarters of Italy's largest and most leftwing trade union. Enjoyed this post? Never miss out on future posts by following us.


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