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Thursday, 12 August 2021

Italy: Restaurants and bars Green Pass rules

In some circumstances, bars and restaurants will be entitled to require customers to produce ID to confirm their Green Pass is genuine, according to a circular letter from the Italian Interior Ministry explaining how the regulations of the Green Pass vaccination passport should be enforced. 


The Green Pass's scope has been increased as of August 6, and it is now required for a variety of activities, including being able to sit inside pubs and restaurants.

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Bars and restaurants would have to ask for the Green Pass to enable customers to sit inside, but they would not be able to require individuals to present an ID card to confirm the vaccination passport belonged to them, according to the administration.


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This generated consternation and ridicule, with a cartoon portraying a large, hairy guy displaying a green pass claiming to be a lady circulating on social media.

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However, the circular letter stated that pubs and restaurants will have the authority to ask for identification on a "discretionary" basis in order to prevent "instances of misuse or evasion" of the regulations, such as when the data on the certification is "clearly incongruent."



The Green Pass indicates that a person has been COVID-19-vaccinated, has had it and recovered, or has recently tested negative for the coronavirus.



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