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Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Hungary: Tourism industry plots track to recovery

COVID-19 restrictions have harmed Hungary's tourist economy for more than a year, with up to 35 percent of firms lost due to the epidemic. Domestic tourism is improving as the country enjoys a relatively free summer, with vacationers opting to stay at home.


Lake Balaton is Hungary's most popular tourist attraction, and has long been a favorite of families wanting to swim and sail. It's changing now, thanks to a burgeoning cultural environment. Many of the vineyards overlook the unique blue lake, making the area famous for its wines.


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Balaton's accommodations were sold out months before the summer tourism season began, indicating that Hungarians were more confidence in booking vacations after the government eased restrictions sooner than other nations. Based on the quantity of first-dose vaccinations, the limitations began to be lifted towards the end of spring.

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Festivals in Balaton, such as the annual Jazz Picnic, attract around 20,000 visitors over the course of a weekend, putting the numbers back on track after last year's event was postponed.

According to tourism specialists, 80 percent of Hungarian vacationers have decided to stay in the country due to the epidemic. Younger generations are more inclined to go abroad, with those in their twenties taking advantage of additional flights to Greece, where the tourist industry reopened months ahead of other nations.


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