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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

France: Mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations for health staff


On Monday, President Emmanuel Macron proposed mandatory Covid-19 vaccines for medical personnel, as well as tighter limitations to combat a recent spike in illnesses connected to the Delta version.

In a televised speech, Macron warned, "If we don't act immediately, case numbers and hospital numbers will grow."

He began his 20-minute speech by stating that, owing to a countrywide vaccination effort, France had "successfully controlled the pandemic."


The French economy grew by 6%, demonstrating that the country had overcome the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

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He did, however, issue a stern warning about the rapid rise of Covid-19 cases caused by the new Delta strain, which is now dominating in the France.


While available vaccinations "defend us strongly against the variation," he also warned the country that the government's primary objective is to vaccinate "as many people as possible, everywhere, at all times."


Caregivers will now be required to get vaccinated. If they haven't previously been vaccinated, caregivers and non-medical workers in hospitals will be required to do so.

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Currently, 61.3 percent of nursing care workers have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine, and 51 percent are completely immunized.

81 percent of those who provide private care have gotten their first dosage, and 76.1 percent have also received their second.


Macron also stated that from September 15th, inspections would be conducted among nursing personnel to guarantee that everyone is following the new regulations. Those who refuse vaccinations will suffer legal repercussions, he stressed.

Vaccination for the general public will remain voluntary "for the time being," Macron says, adding that he is "certain" that people will receive their shots out of "a feeling of communal spirit."


There are now nine million dosages accessible. After the summer vacation ends on September 3rd, increased vaccination programs will be carried out in schools.




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