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Thursday, 17 June 2021

Austria lifts COVID-19 limitations by July 1st


Further limitations on the coronavirus are set to expire on July 1, and a curfew will be implemented as a result of the crisis termination.

According to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, this implies that the hospitality business will be able to reopen to consumers in the evenings, albeit at a reduced capacity at first.


He remarked, "People may dance, get married, and rejoice."

The infection status is far better than most people think, according to Kurz, who cited a weekly incidence rate of 15 new infections per 100,000 individuals.

"We can take even more significant steps toward normalcy," Kurz stated.


As of July 1, the following rules are scheduled to go into effect, as announced by the Austria's Ministry of Health:

The 3G rule (vaccinated, tested, recovered) will apply wherever it currently does

The early curfew will be abolished

Spacing regulations (1-meter minimum distance) will be repealed

No square footage restrictions in stores and businesses


Relaxations to mandatory masks as of July 1, only a mouth-nose protection will be required in public/commercial/museum settings

FFP2 requirement remains in nursing home/hospital in any case



Testing obligation is relaxed - tests are only required from 12 years of age

Gastronomy & hotel industry:

No more mask obligation for guests and employees both indoor and outdoor

End of compulsory registration expected from July 22

(Night) Gastronomy:

From July 1: with reduced capacity, no more distance requirement

Expected from July 22: no restrictions


Obligation to notify from 100 persons

Obligation to obtain a permit from 500 persons

Further relaxations can be expected three weeks after July 1, namely as of July 22.

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