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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Portugal reopens borders to UK travellers


The state of emergency in Portugal was lifted on April 30th, and the border with Spain was relaxed on May 1st.

Despite the relaxation of restrictions, tourism is nevertheless discouraged. The Telegraph announced that sales between the two countries are booming. 

Portugal plans to open its borders with the United Kingdom on May 17, the same day that the United Kingdom has provided the go-ahead for travel between the two countries on its hand.

According to Condé Nast Traveler, it is hoped that U.S. and other third-party travelers with strong vaccine rates will be welcomed in shortly after. 


People who live in the EU/Schengen region can currently join, but third-country nationals cannot.

There are strict guidelines for arrivals from EU/Schengen region countries, and others are only allowed in for important purposes. 


Travelers from Cyprus, Croatia, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Sweden (countries with an incidence rate of 500 cases or more per 100,000 inhabitants in the previous 14 days), as well as those from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, and Switzerland (countries with an incidence rate of 500 cases or more per 100,000 inhabitants in the previous 14 days). 

All travelers, with the exception of children under the age of 24, must have a negative RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 examination within 72 hours of boarding, according to government regulations.

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