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Friday, 14 May 2021

Greece has lifted domestic travel restrictions


Greek Deputy Prime Minister Akis Skertsos declared that domestic travel restrictions in Greece has been lifted from Friday, May 14, but that rules will extend to travel to the islands.

Since the country's second lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus, non-essential intra-regional movement (travel between regions) has been prohibited in Greece (Covid-19).

Traveling to the islands by ferry and plane has its own set of rules.


Residents and travelers to Greece will be able to fly to the Greek islands by ferry or plane only if they have one of the following documents:

– a certificate of vaccine (stating that 14 days have passed since full vaccination for Covid-19)

– a PCR test that was negative in less than three days (72 hours)

– a negative fast antigen screening 24 hours before travel – a negative self-test 24 hours before travel


Many that have recovered from Covid-19 will present a certificate given two months after their rehabilitation, according to Skertsos (valid for nine months).

Until boarding, the employees of the ferry and airline companies can ensure if passengers have the necessary documents.

Both passengers, Greeks and tourists, including children above the age of five, would be subject to the law. 

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Passengers who prefer to fly with a negative self-test outcome must complete the self-test declaration form found here on the website.

Travel to the Greek islands of Evia, Lefkada, and Salamina is unrestricted.

Both travelers on international flights to Greece must also fill out the Passenger Locator Form (PLF), according to Skertsos.


The PLF, which must be sent prior to flight, should contain a section for passengers to insert details from their Covid-19 certificate, such as vaccine status or a negative PCR test result. (The authorities are expected to make another announcement about the additional PLF data.)

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