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Friday, 9 April 2021

Spain eases face masks mandatory on beaches


When the Spanish government proposed a new law on anti-pandemic measures to become a statutory regulation nationwide, many criticisms aroused due to the establishment of mandatory masks in all public places.


The general reluctance to accept the measure in places such as beaches was emphasized. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health and local health authorities agreed to amend the new regulations. As a result, the Interstate Health Commission approved a proposal for mandatory use of masks when people are walking and when social distancing is not possible, but exceptions have been established for people who swim, rest (or sunbathe) by the sea or at the sea, pools and other areas of water. In other words, it is allowed to remove the mask for sunbathing (as long as the social distance of 1.5 meters is maintained), but the mask must be worn again while walking along the beach.

At the same time, people are exempt from wearing masks when participating in personal sports activities, which include bathing and sunbathing. The revised regulations also stipulate that when customers eat or drink, they can remove masks in bars and restaurants, but they must wear masks when they move around the premises, such as going to the toilet. 


Regarding the beach rules, the full list of exceptions to wearing masks is as follows:

Bathe in the sea, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and other natural waters, or bathe in indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Rest or participate in water sports before or after bathing. On beaches and similar environments, masks can only be taken off while staying in one place and respect a social distance of at least 1.5 meters from different family members, while beside the swimming pool, it is only effective during physical exercise. When life-saving and rescue personnel need to enter the water. Eat and drink where permitted.

However, a mask must be worn in the following situations: -Walk along the shore of bodies of water. -While walking on the passage leading to the beach and waters. -In the changing rooms of public and public swimming pools (except during bathing) -Inside and outside bars and restaurants, except when eating or drinking.

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