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Friday, 9 April 2021

Shocking photos show Paris overflowing with rubbish


Shocking photos show that the streets of Paris are littered with rubbish, triggering viral labeling and destroying the socialist mayor of the French capital.

  © Choeymoey26

The hashtag #saccageparis-means trashed Paris- has been all the rage on Twitter recently, as locals share depressing images of the picturesque "City of Light" and now it looks like some streets are full of trash. 


This "previously beautiful city" has been transformed into "a rat-infested garbage dump" and many images of visible decay have been posted on Twitter, while other images show the walls covered with ugly graffiti. 

Many people who use hashtags have targeted socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo, including far-right leader Marine Le Pen. Tweeted that this "once beautiful city" has been "turned into a garbage dump infested by rats." Le Pen tweeted: "The thousands of pictures shared with the hashtag #SaccageParis broke the hearts of Paris lovers ."

     © PubLand

The Hidalgo government admitted that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city’s cleaning team has been reduced by about 10%. The City Hall said: "Like all cities in France, Paris is also facing inactivity and public space regulation problems."

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