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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Vienna: House of Music visitors make melodies in VR


Earlier this year, the House of Music in Vienna opened a second floor dedicated to music creation. SONOTOPIA allows visitors to create their own visual acoustic artwork and shape and personalize the sound in an unprecedented way. 


The space is divided into different parts according to the different interests of visitors. The Original room – a darker room where they can focus on the listening experience and move in a sound environment with different sound sources. Various sounds allow people to explore it further. The Musical Instrument Pavilion, where visitors can observe large musical instruments up close. 


The original Aeorophon, Membranophon, Chordophon and Idiophone on the ceiling show the operation of various instruments. 


Sonotopia Universe and Laboratory – here, visitors can create sounds through virtual reality technology to shape and coordinate sounds visually and auditorily. This is a new technology that has not been used so far. 


Zoo Concert-This part is specially designed for young participants, based on Marko Simsa's children's book "Zoo Concert". They took them on an interactive musical adventure and brought exciting fairy tales to curious explorers. 


This project is completed between Music House and Wien Holdings. The interactive sound museum covers an area of 5,000 square meters and is created by four Austrian universities, two foreign university research institutes, a young team of musicians and musicologists, multimedia artists, sound engineers, architects and students.

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