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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Italy: Sardinia becomes first coronavirus white zone


Sardinia has become the first white area in Italy to be classified as a low COVID-19 risk, which means that many of the restrictions imposed by other parts of the country to combat the spread of the coronavirus have been lifted. 


As a result, Governor Christian Solinas signed an order early on Monday to keep bars and pubs open until 21:00, restaurants open until 23:00, and night Curfew (open to other places at 22:00 at other times) until 23:30. 


However, due to the increase in COVID-19 infectious disease, restrictions have increased in several other regions. Basilicata and Molise became high-risk red areas, and Lombardy, Marche and Piedmont changed from medium-risk yellow to medium-risk orange

In the red zone, all restaurants and bars are closed except for takeaway shops and home delivery shops, and all non-essential shops are also closed. In the orange zone, shops can conduct business, but restaurants and bars must remain closed. In the yellow area, shops are open until 6 pm, and bars and restaurants are also open.

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