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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Italy: Return to normality within 15 months


Giovanni Rezza, the prevention director of the Ministry of Health, said that if Italy were to roll out 240,000 COVID-19 vaccines every day, it should be able to return to normal within 7 to 15 months. 


Rezza told the Senate Health and Hygiene Committee: "We recently established a mathematical model with the US Institute of Advanced Health (ISS) and Fondazione Bruno Kessler to see when we can return to the pseudo-normal." 


"If we assume that the vaccine can prevent infection and the foundation can protect for at least two years, then by vaccinating 240,000 people every day, we will be back to normal within 7 to 15 months. This can be achieved through massive vaccinations and maintaining coronavirus containment," he pointed out. 


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