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Wednesday, 10 March 2021

France to launch its own Covid vaccine soon


The head of the National Institute of Medicine said that the Covid-19 vaccine made in France is about to be launched. 


Gilles Bloch, Chief Executive Officer of the National Institutes of Health (Inserm), told France Info on Wednesday morning: “In the next few months, we will have a French vaccine against Covid-19.'' He added that clinical trials of the vaccine are ongoing and may be promoted in the second phase of vaccination. Bloch did not disclose the exact date when the vaccine was launched, but confirmed that the trial has entered the third phase. 


The CEO of Inserm said he believes that the French-developed vaccine will be effective in the long term, "in the face of a virus that has mutated throughout the epidemic and is likely to recur in several waves." 


''There are dozens of vaccines in production in France.'' Bloch said, including twelve vaccines being developed at the Inserm Laboratory. 


France's failure to produce its own vaccines has raised serious questions about the state of medical research in the country. Bloch admitted that France is not in the lead in the Covid vaccine race, but it is not far off as suggested by critics.

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