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Wednesday, 3 March 2021

France: Lockdown takes effect in Guadeloupe and La Reunion


Officials on Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean Sea and La Reunion in the Indian Ocean announced a new curfew that will last at least two weeks to stop Covid-19 infection, which is increased due to the presence of more infectious variants.


Guadeloupe officials said a curfew from 10 pm to 6 am will take effect on Sunday in order to tighten restrictions aimed at limiting private gatherings.


Governor Alexandre Rochatte said: "It is vital that the new and existing measures are applied in the strictest way and that all residents of Guadeloupe fully respect the new measures."

In addition to the Covid-19 curfew, indoor stadiums and sports facilities will also be closed, and outdoor games will continue without spectators. Bars and restaurants on the island have been closed, and security forces have repeatedly intervened to stop gatherings and other gatherings in families or public places. 


Public health officials warned that the situation is getting worse, with 387 new cases in one week, compared with 216 in the previous week, and the incidence, infection and reproductive rates are also increasing.

Reunion Island will face a stricter curfew, and residents must go home from 6 pm (as in mainland France) to 5 am. The curfew will begin on Friday and last at least two weeks. 

Officials say the infection rate is rising in areas that make up half of the island’s population, including the cities of Saint-Denis, Saint-Pierre, Etang-Salé and Saint-Benoît. 


The increase in the number of cases indicates that the infection rate is increasing, and the presence of the more contagious South African variant has caused the reproduction rate to exceed 1, which is the threshold for virus transmission.

Health Minister Olivier Véran said that some Covid patients will be evacuated from the Indian Ocean island to the French mainland to ease the pressure on the island’s intensive care unit.

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