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Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Austria: Vienna to go into stricter lockdown during Easter


As the Easter holiday approaches, many European countries facing what may be the worst third wave of COVID-19 have begun to tighten their lock-in measures in order to build "breakwater." 

Austrian Health Minister Rudolf Anschober pointed out that in Austria, the three eastern states will be locked down during the Easter holiday to curb another outbreak of infection. Anschober said at a press conference that Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland will take more restrictive measures from April 1-10. 


There will be export restrictions-the so-called curfew or staying away from home for 24 hours-which means leaving the house to exercise, buying necessities, exercising animals or seeking medical help.

Local newspapers reported that travel is not allowed to visit family members for family celebrations because this is not one of the reasons for leaving home. However, it is possible for members of one family to visit individual members of another family. Only a few exceptions can meet some basic needs.

Anschober said the goal is to install "breakwaters" by reducing exposure, further increasing testing and expanding the use of masks.

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