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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Spain unemployment rate rose to 9% in January


In January, the number of unemployed in Spain rose to 3.96 million (9%) for the fourth consecutive month, as restrictions on the outbreak of the new COVID-19 pandemic continued to restrict activities. Data released by the Labor Department on Tuesday showed that this was an increase of 1.96% from December. 


According to adjusted social security data, nearly 40,000 jobs were created in January, but regardless of the calendar impact, 219,000 jobs were destroyed, and a total of more than 19 million workers were registered with the social security department. 


Compared with the global financial crisis ten years ago, the unemployment rate continues to be under control, thanks in part to Spain's ERTE vacation plan. As of the end of January, the number of ERTE was 739,000, accounting for more than 5% of all workers registered with the Social Security Administration. 


 In April, when COVID restrictions became stricter, nearly 3 million people took leave. In January, the hospitality industry continued to experience heavy employment bleeding, the country is experiencing the peak of the third pandemic, and many restrictions have been imposed on bars and restaurants that have been completely closed in at least a dozen areas.

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