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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Spain: Tough restrictions in Andalusia will not be relaxed


Tough coronavirus restrictions in Andalusia will not be reduced or removed until the region reaches a vaccination target of 70%. 


According to,Juanma Moreno (the Regional President) said “the circumstances do not exist to carry out a rapid de-escalation, as some economic or social sectors request.” He added that the first priority is ''to ensure the health of Andalusians.''


Setting target dates of Easter or summer for de-escalating the restrictions would not be realistic according to Moreno. 


 He pointed out that there are still over 3000 people in hospital suffering from coronavirus, and asked citizens to remain prudent. ''I know that we are tired but we have to be very patient and responsible and think with a head. It is useless to run if the pandemic is going to stop us later.''



Tomorrow (Thursday) the regional government will announce the latest changes to municipal restrictions in Andalucia, based on the 7 day accumulated incidence rates.

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