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Friday, 5 February 2021

Portugal COVID-19 cases continue to fall


The chief health officer of Portugal on Thursday tried to reassure people angry about vaccine delays and jumps that they will receive vaccination, while the daily number of new coronavirus cases and deaths has declined. 


In the past two weeks, the number of deaths and new infections in Portugal reached the highest level for seven consecutive days, peaking in cases, deaths, hospitalizations and ICU patients at the end of January. 


But just two weeks after the nationwide lockdown, the spread of infection seems to be slowing down. The country reported 7,914 new cases on Thursday, less than half of the 16,432 recorded a week ago.


 Although the number of people in the intensive care unit is still high, the number of new deaths and hospitalizations has also declined in the past five days. In total, Portugal recorded 13,482 deaths and 748858 cases.

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