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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Portugal: Bragança's Carnival to be held online


Due to the pandemic, Bragança's Carnival will be held online in February this year, offering virtual courses for chefs and making masks. One can also order typical Butelo sausages.


In the past few years, the streets of the city of Bragança in northern Portugal and a tent in the Praça de Camões in Lisbon have been very lively. People cheered and celebrated the Butelo and Casulas Music Festival and Caretos. Carnival. This year will be different.


"Anytime, anywhere, with just one click, this will be the Butelo and Casulas Music Festival and Carnaval dos Caretos 2021 Music Festival. It aims to overcome the obstacles and difficulties caused by Covid-19 and has reinvented itself." According to local media reports, The Bragança city government said. From February 1 to February 16, " Bragança City will promote the Butelo and Casulas Festival and the Caretos Carnival in 2021 through a series of online activities. The main goal is to under the current pandemic situation, where possible To provide support within the scope, the municipality of Bragança said: “This will help local producers and continue to vigorously develop the culture and traditions of the British. " The festival to promote typical Butelo sausages will be attended by 17 producers in Bragança. 


In addition to butelo and chasuble, the producer will also sell other regional smoked sausages, such as sausages, and other local products including olive oil, honey and local handicrafts. The Bragança Local Council revealed that it invested 14,000 euros in this online event, which will also provide people with an opportunity to learn how to use local products to make dishes. 


The traditional masked people who usually run on the streets during the carnival, namely Caretos, will also be presented digitally through workshops aimed mainly at children, where they can learn how to make traditional masks. The online carnival celebrations ended on February 16th. 


The actor André Gago discussed the "Role of Masks in Theaters" in the "Dialogue with Art" initiative and will be on the city's Facebook page Broadcast.

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