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Friday, 19 February 2021

Portugal: Braga named best European destination in 2021


The city of Braga was voted the best tourist destination in Europe in 2021, attracting a total of 109,902 votes from Internet users, of which 72% of the participants were from outside Portugal.


"Best Destinations in Europe" is an organization based in Brussels, Belgium, dedicated to promoting culture and tourism in Europe, and has recognized the most modern and attractive cities in the European Union since 2010. 


In this very special year, they "asked a simple question to travelers, and more than 600,000 travelers from 192 countries around the world answered this question: As long as travel is safe, where do you want to go on vacation in Europe?" Braga won the first place with 109,902 votes, which can be said to be 31,000 votes from the runner-up city of Rome. This means that Braga won 28.8% of the votes from the country and 71.2% from the rest of the world. 


In this version, Braga is the favorite destination of British and Brazilian travelers, as well as one of the favorite destinations of American and French travelers, and is regarded as the top destination of Spanish travelers. 


From now on, Braga will appear more in the world’s most prestigious travel publications, which will make the city an increasingly sought-after destination for millions of travelers," Braga Mayor Rica Do Rio said.

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