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Friday, 12 February 2021

Number of Europeans ready to travel rises by 20%


A recent report by the European Travel Commission (ETC) shows that the number of European citizens planning to travel abroad this spring has increased by 20% from the figure in November 2020. 


According to the ETC report "Monitoring sentiment on domestic and intra-European travel", the number of Europeans planning to travel in the next six months also slightly increased from 49% to 52%. 


The ETC survey shows that citizens have begun to have more positive ideas when planning their next trip. As attested by the report, only 12% of participants have considered traveling in the first two months of this year. 


The survey also showed that intra-European travel was the main choice, as most respondents wanted to travel to another European country (40%) rather than domestic travel (36%). 


Leisure is the main purpose of almost 63% of Europeans who plan to travel in a short period of time to visit relatives and friends, which is the main motivation of the other 21%. Business travel accounted for 9% of respondents," ETC wrote in a recent report.

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