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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Italy: Venice promotes socio-cultural activities


The official website of the city of Venice published information on the status of activities and funding that are part of the program "The city Sicura of itself" (the 'Si' in the title refers to the word Yes, and ' Sicura 'means safe, confident in Italian). 


It was reported that contracts have been awarded to twelve non-profit associations to carry out socio-cultural programs in the different neighborhoods of Venice. 


These initiatives are co-financed by the EU European Social Fund and the total budget reserved for the program amounts to almost € 180,000. 



''The initiative is part of the broader coordinated framework of interventions that the Municipal Administration has undertaken in recent years to strengthen neighborhoods from all points of view (residential, urban, social) of the most fragile cities in a pragmatic perspective of urban regeneration'' explained the Councilor for Social Cohesion Simone Venturini.

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