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Friday, 12 February 2021

Italy: Eight women in the new Draghi cabinet


Mario Draghi, the former president of the European Central Bank, agreed to be Italy's next prime minister and announced the formation of a cabinet that would mix unaffiliated technical experts with politicians from a broad coalition. The Draghi Cabinet is the 67th cabinet of the Italian Republic.


After a week of consultations, almost all the major political parties supported Draghi. On Friday, he appointed several prominent figures from various groups as ministers to consolidate their support. 


The leader of the five-star movement, Luigi Di Maio, will continue to serve as Minister of Foreign Affairs, while Giancarlo Giorgetti, a senior figure in the League Party, will serve as Minister of Industry. Andrea Orlando of the center-left Democratic Party will serve as Secretary of Labor. 


However, some important posts were sent to non-affiliated technocrats, including Daniele Franco, head of the Bank of Italy, who was appointed Minister of Economy, and Roberto Cingolani, a physicist and IT expert appointed to the new position of Minister for Green transition. There are only 8 women in the 23-member cabinet. 


The new team will be sworn in on Saturday to pave the way for debates in both houses of parliament early next week. Draghi will expose his policy plans and face a vote of confidence-considering his cross-party support, this is official.

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