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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Italy eases COVID-19 restrictions in 16 regions


Many regions (16 out of 20) in Italy lowered the COVID-19 restrictions on Monday, and most of the country has now become yellow areas, which means that the risk of infection is considered medium. 


In the country's health risk classification, the regions including Lazio (Rome) and Lombardy (Milan) will change from orange to yellow, mainly based on the level of COVID-19 infection. 


In these areas, during the day, seating services will be allowed in bars, cafes and restaurants, although they will have to resume delivery and takeaway services from 6:00 pm. The museums will also be allowed to reopen. However, the curfew will take effect from 10pm. Travel between regions is still prohibited from 5 am to 5 am every day. 

No area is coded in red, and only a few regions (such as Sicily) are in orange. In mid-January, the country's overall transmission rate was 0.84. Nearly 2 million people in Italy have been vaccinated.

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