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Thursday, 4 February 2021

Greece tightens restrictions on restaurants and cafes


Greece has tightened restrictions on restaurants and cafes that offer takeout and delivery options. The new measures published in the official gazette on Tuesday state that customers are not allowed to live inside or outside these facilities. 


Those who fail to comply with the new regulations will be fined 3,000 euros and 300 euros for customers. The new rules apply to all parts of the country, regardless of the "red" or "rank" areas. 


Nikos Hardalias, the Deputy Minister of Civil Defense and Crisis Management, emphasized in an interview with ANT1 TV that “from the beginning of the pandemic, specific plans and strategies have been developed.” He pointed out that if supported by epidemiological data, general lock-in is still a viable option, but it should not be understated: "Of course there is fatigue, but we are evaluating data every day. 


''The general lockdown is a tool. Since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s always on the table, but we have to evaluate it based on real data because it sounds easy, but after the general lockdown, there are people and families,” he said, adding, “the cost is high. " 


Hadarias pointed out: "From the very beginning, the Prime Minister has clarified and proved that the problems of human life are above all else."

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