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Thursday, 4 February 2021

France: Government to legalise eating at desk


The French government has decided to legalize eating at desks-French law currently prohibits this practice-to help companies comply with Covid regulations.


France is a country that takes lunch seriously, and swallowing a sandwich in front of a computer is something that people generally think French will avoid. However, according to French media reports, as the French Ministry of Labor prepares to issue a new decree allowing office desk lunches, the French government will usher in a huge change. 


French labor law (Article R4228-19) currently prohibits eating in the office. The law explicitly prohibits "allowing workers to eat in the workplace." 


According to French media citing sources from the Ministry of Labor, this legal change is temporary and is intended to make it easier for the homeless to eat in a safe environment and to enable companies to enforce new and stricter regulations in the office.

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