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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Cyprus allows visits for vaccinated tourists


Cyprus currently has a curfew between 9pm. It was extended at 5 AM on January 29, 2021. Currently, people are allowed to leave their homes twice a day and must send text messages to 8998 (printed forms are available to people over 65). Exceptions are made for dog-walking, for taking children to school, and employment. 


Cyprus is the first member  EU State to announce that if a traveler has been vaccinated, a negative Covid-19 test is not required to enter the country. At first, it planned to only allow unrestricted access to vaccinated EU residents, and then open the policy to travelers from outside Europe. 


At the border of Cyprus, there are three categories (A, B, and C) based on the epidemiology of a country, and the list is updated to announce who can enter and how. Every traveler must fill in the Cyprus Health Pass upon arrival. 


Currently, there are only 5 countries on List A (the most epidemiologically sound) without any restrictions: Australia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand. Class B passengers can request a Covid-19 test on arrival, at a cost of 60 Euros (US$73), and be quarantined until negative results are produced: China, Finland, Germany, Greece, the Holy See (Vatican) ) City State), Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Rwanda and San Marino. 


All other countries/regions belong to category C, and only Serb residents or persons who have gained access under the Vienna Convention can enter. (This is different from the situation in December, where Category C countries/regions are allowed to take Covid-19 negative tests).

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