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Friday, 15 January 2021

Spain: New economy road map to get EU funds


The Spanish government is currently drafting a detailed “road map” of reforms, including changes to pensions and the country’s labor laws, to speed up access to EU funds and reduce the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. 


EFE report from EURACTIV's partners. These measures should provide the EU with 72 billion euros in three years, starting with the first 34 billion euros in 2021. 


This includes 26.634 billion euros from the group’s 750 billion euro "NextGenerationEU" fund, which has been included in Spain’s national budget this year, and another 8 billion euros from the "ReactEU" fund directly transferred to the region to build its health And the education system is more flexible. 


The "National Investment and Reform Plan" currently being drafted by the Spanish Ministry of Economy includes a series of reforms and investment projects, with particular emphasis on the digitalization of the economy and the transition to a green economy.

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