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Monday, 25 January 2021

Portugal: President Rebelo de Sousa wins his second term


Portugal’s center-right president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa won his second term in the election on Sunday. The country’s election ended with a record abstention. 


The country is struggling with serious Fight against the third wave of coronavirus infection. The 72-year-old former SocialDemocratic leader is known for his enthusiastic character and habit of taking selfies with his supporters, winning 61% of the vote, higher than his 52% victory in 2016. 


Despite this, 60% of voters abstained-the highest number in Portuguese history-partly because 1.1 million voters from abroad were added to the voter register for the first time, and also because hundreds of thousands were quarantined. 


"The most urgent task is to fight the pandemic. This is my top priority, and it is complete unity with Parliament and the government'' affirmed Rebelo de Sousa.


 Andre Ventura, a member of the far-right Chiga Party, lost to the left-wing candidate Ana Gomes by a narrow margin in the race for the second place, and won the vote. The rate was 12%, while Gomez's turnout rate was 13%.

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