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Monday, 18 January 2021

Portugal: Health service is in danger of collapse


The Portuguese Minister of Health, Marta Temido, warned that the country’s entire health system, including the National Health Service (SNS), the private sector and the third sector, and all logistics sectors, are approaching their limits because its efforts are being made to deal with the surge in population. 


Coronavirus cases. She said: "We are using all the means available in the country, but there is a limit. We are very close to the limit," she said while leaving the meeting at the Garcia de Horta Hospital in Almada on Sunday in Tagus near Lisbon. "The Portuguese need to know this." 


When addressing reporters outside the hospital, the Minister cited the latest data from the General Administration of Health.


 In the past 24 hours, newly confirmed cases of the new coronavirus have led to 10,385 newly confirmed cases of Covid-19, and the number of patients with the disease has also set a new record.

She said: "This is a sign of great concern," she emphasized that the health system is "in a state of extreme effort.

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