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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Lowest temperature ever recorded in Spain and Portugal

On Wednesday, January 6, the Iberian Peninsula recorded the lowest temperature ever recorded because this morning, the thermometer reached minus 34.1ºC at the unofficial observatory of Clot del Tuc la Llança in Alto Aneu, Catalonia, near Andorra. 


This extreme low temperature has been verified by official agencies, such as the Aragonese delegation of the National Weather Service. 


Portugal also feels cold due to the past of the Filomena depression. This depression mainly affects the Madeira Islands and the southern part of the mainland, and is expected to last until January 8. 


According to the "La Vanguardia" report, the previously known record was -32ºC, which was recorded in 1956. 


According to Diário de Notícias, the analysis of the recorded temperature was carried out through the "Projecte 4 Estcions" platform, which is a project of amateur meteorologists, the project runs on the Internet, but it is still seen that the record has been obtained by the official agency Recognized, such as the National Weather Service. 



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