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Friday, 29 January 2021

France: Visas issued down by 79.8% in 2020


The number of visas issued by the French consulate during 2020 came down by 79.8%. The number of short-term visas for the Schengen area fell by 82%, while the number of long-term visas fell by 37.1%. 


Compared with the figures in 2019, the French authorities approved 3.5 million visas during the year. 


According to data disclosed by the French Ministry of the Interior, Moroccan citizens were the most beneficiaries of Schengen visas issued by French authorities in 2020, at (98.627), followed by: Russians-Schengen (78.701 visas), Algerians-Schengen visa ( 73.276 visas), Chinese citizens-Schengen visa ( 71.451 visas). 


Meanwhile, only 49,000 Schengen visas were issued to Tunisian citizens in the same year, accounting for one third of the 145.846 visas approved for applicants from the same country in 2019.

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