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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Venice: MOSE barriers saved the city from flooding


The Municipal Flood Control Office said that on Wednesday, the MOSE flood dike in Venice was raised to an 'acqua alta' of 120-centimeter-high.


The high tide was slightly below the expected 130 cm and hit Lagoon City at 10:45. Moses saved the city from flooding. Venice was blown by the cold "Pola" wind.

The office said that the second weather is expected to appear on the weekend, and MOSE may also have to be used on Saturday and Sunday.

MOSE has only been used a few times, but it has shown its effectiveness in preventing floods caused by acqua alta. 


A year ago, St. Mark’s Basilica and surrounding buildings were destroyed in the last major flood before MOSE. MOSE saved Piazza San Marco for the first time on October 3.

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