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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Murcia: 2020 may be second hottest year on record

There are still nearly two weeks to 2020, but the national meteorological agency Aemet has predicted that the end of the year will be the second hottest year in Murcia since the first comparable record was compiled 80 years ago. 


During the year, the average temperature in the area was 17.5 degrees, which was 0.7 degrees higher than the historical average, and in the fall, the number was reported to be 17.9 degrees. 


The only warm year recorded in Murcia was 2014, while this year was 1994 and 2015, and the highest temperature in 2020 was 45ºC in Cessa on August 1. 


On January 13, the thermometer in Campo de San Juan (Moratara) dropped to 6ºC! 


October is the only month of this year that is cooler than normal. Especially high temperatures occurred in February, which recorded a record temperature of the year.

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