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Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Italy to impose travel restrictions between the regions during Christmas


The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza said on Wednesday that the government would "dissuade" travel between the regions of Italy from December 25 to 26 and January 1 and "restrict" Travel between the towns of the country


The minister told the Senate: ''If we don’t want to close again in January, we must face the holiday with the most seriousness.''


The government will issue a travel ban between towns during the Christmas period and only allow people returning home to travel between regions. 


Speranza went on to say that the final vaccine distribution will be done with the help of the military. 


He said that the vaccine will be provided to all Italians free of charge. He added that the focus of the vaccine campaign will be between next spring and summer. 


The Minister affirmed that with the expansion of the distribution system, hospital clinics, family doctors and military doctors will be involved. 

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