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Sunday, 27 December 2020

Greece: Volos, the hometown of Tsipouradika


Located between the stunning Mount Pelio and the Pagasetic Gulf of the Aegean Sea, Volos is a picturesque city, famous for its local restaurant Tsipouradika, which offers top-quality Greek tsipoura and cuisine Delicacy. 


This coastal city is an important port between Europe and Asia. It is the sixth most densely populated city in Greece, almost between Athens and Thessaloniki. 


Volos is believed to be built on the ancient ruins of the city of Iolcus, and Iolcus is the hometown of the legendary leader of Argonauts, Jason. 


In addition to its ancient history, charming natural environment and important port, Volos is also famous in Greece for its traditional Tsipouradika, where the Greek spirit tsipouro is paired with the famous local Greek cuisine. In a small city with a population of less than 150,000, there are nearly 600 of these iconic Tsipouradika!

Tsipouro is a strong Greek spirit consisting of 40-45% alcohol. Tsipouro comes from the poverty and originality of the Greek villagers, and it is made from fruit pulp. Pomace is the stems, seeds and skins of the grapes left behind during the winemaking process. 


In the authentic Tsipouradika that line the streets of coastal cities, customers usually never order any food. Instead, there are always a large number of friends and family customers ordering the tsipouro, no matter how much flavor, fennel or pure flavor they want. When they receive tsipouro, they always drink it cold in small cups, and hungry guests will get a small plate of delicious savory cheese, vegetables or seafood. As they continue to order more spirits, customers rave about more complex and fuller dishes, all of which are included in the price of tsipouro.

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