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Tuesday, 29 December 2020

French fashion designer Pierre Cardin passes away

French fashion designer Pierre Cardin is one of the highest fashions of the 20th century. He died on Tuesday at the age of 98.

Cardin was born near Treviso on July 2, 1922. His name is Pietro Costante Cardin, he is a descendant of a wealthy agricultural family who fell into poverty after the First World War. His parents immigrated to France in 1924 and became Saint-Etienne fashion designers at the age of 14 in 1936. 


In 1945, he went to Paris, first at Chez Jeanne Paquin and then at Elsa Schiaparelli's studio. When Christian Dior opened in 1947, he was a top tailor, which was an important part of the success of the "New Look" designer. 


In 1950, he founded his own brand, which was converted to high fashion three years later. Cardan was inspired by Manì's first exploration in space and is known for his advanced design. He likes geometric designs that often ignore feminine forms. 


In 1954, he introduced the bubble skirt, and in 1959 became the first Western designer to open a boutique in Japan. After resigning from the Haute Couture and Jean-Porter Portrait Studio in 1966, he began to show his designs in his exhibition space l'Espace Cardin in 1971.

As a member of the international jet series, he purchased the famous Parisian restaurant Maxim's in 1981. He opened branches in New York, London and Beijing in 1983, and opened several hotels there.


 He bought a castle, where he staged a theater festival, and went on to win French and international awards for his design.

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