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Monday, 28 December 2020

Barcelona public transport fares to be frozen in 2021

 As the Metropolitan Transport Agency (ATM) announced on Monday, public transport fares in the Barcelona area will be frozen in 2021. 


The agency's board of directors also agreed to extend the validity period of tickets sold this year to December 31, 2021. T-Usual and T-Casual were launched this year, and new tickets in a major revision aimed at benefiting frequent travelers will continue to exist next year. 


However, the pandemic changed the forecast made by ATM a year ago, and so far, the demand for the entire public transportation network is equal to 54% of the value of the pre-Covid-19 registration.

By 2021, pre-pandemic demand is expected to account for 68% to 80% of sales. A single zone fare is still 2.40 euros; T-casual, 11.35 euros; regular tickets, 40 euros; T-Jove, 80 euros; T-Dia, 10.50 euros; T-familiar courses, 10 euros; T-Grup, 79.45 euros. Single-parent families and large families will still have to pay 32 euros for ordinary families, 64 euros for T-Jove, and 63.55 euros for T-70/90. 


Losses in the public transport sector During the pandemic, the number of passengers on the underground, trams, trains and buses dropped, meaning that the total loss of public transport in the Barcelona area reached a staggering 750 million euros.

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