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Saturday, 5 December 2020

Ancient Greeks Used to Make Love 12 Times a Day!

 In ancient Greece, the concept of marriage and the "habit" of making love between marriages was completely different from what we might be used to in modern times. 


The role of women in ancient Greek culture is generally regarded as one of the subordinate positions of men. 


In some cases, people expect women to adopt various techniques to satisfy their spouse’s sexual desires and sexual desires, some of which persecute others. 


With the help of various natural therapies, men can satisfy their sexual desire and greed up to 12 times a day! 


According to the book ''The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in Antiquity'' by historian Stephanie Budin, there are many preparations aimed at improving male sexual behavior. Some of them gave them a permanent awakening. 



The mixture of honey and pepper is one of the most common and effective ingredients in sexual life. Another secret "Viagra" used by ancient lovers is an Indian plant that causes strong awakenings every day. A substance is extracted from the leaves applied to the male genitals, and the male and female have an epic encounter.

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