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Thursday, 19 November 2020

Zhouzhuang, "Oriental Venice" in China


Zhouzhuang is a small town located in Jiangsu Province, China, not far from the modern metropolis Shanghai. As one of China's most famous water villages, Zhouzhuang is nicknamed "Oriental Venice". 


In addition to its picturesque natural scenery, the town is also known for its well-preserved buildings, including several stone bridges and old houses built during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Today, this beautiful town has developed into a very popular tourist attraction.

Zhouzhuang is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province in southeast China. The town is only 38 kilometers (23.6 miles) away from Suzhou, making it the second largest city in the province after Shanghai. 


Southern Jiangsu belongs to a geographical area called Jiangnan, which literally means "Jiangnan" south of the Yangtze River. Since ancient times, the area has been known for its rivers and lakes, and its residents have learned to live in harmony with the natural environment.

During the 11th century AD, a network of towns (also called water villages or canal towns) surrounding these waters began to emerge. Two centuries later, these water towns flourished and became prosperous important trading centers. 


Moreover, these water villages have become a source of inspiration for many ancient Chinese poets and painters. It can be mentioned that although water towns exist in other parts of China, Jiangnan Town is the most famous. In addition to Zhouzhuang, other famous water towns in the area include Tongli, Xitang and Nanx. 


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