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Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Vienna: new aid package to local fiacre operators


The City of Vienna and the Vienna Chamber of Commerce have proposed a new aid package to local fiacre operators.


In the spring, they received the support of the "Vienna Fiacre Feed Package", under which the operator will receive payment for horse feed and different measures to protect animal health at 250 Euros per horse per month. 


"Unfortunately, the situation has not improved, so we once again provide the same level of assistance as the spring. The fiacres are a symbol of our city, animal Welfare is very important to us, and we don't want to let anyone down" the Mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig said.

The second plan includes the cost of providing animal feed, bedding and regular care for the next three months. Terror operators in Vienna can immediately apply for funding from the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. 


Officials are particularly proud of this fact, because the aid that can be provided bypasses all bureaucratic barriers and is easily available-just like during the spring, the city provided approximately 237,000 euros for the needs of local fiacre operators.

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