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Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Ria Formosa: the most wonderful wildlife reserve in the Algarve

Ria Formosa is the most important wildlife reserve in the Algarve, while Castro Marim and San Antonio Vila Real Marsh (Guadiana River Wetland) are two protected areas waiting to be discovered on foot or by boat. Travel will definitely stay in your memory! 

The best way to start a visit is to talk to someone you know. The relevant environmental education center provides information about visible species and the best sidewalks to fully appreciate the scenery while respecting nature. 


These maze-like channels are amazing. From the green vegetation that blends with the blue waters, the sharp contrast with the white of the salt pan, to the pink tones of flamingo feathers, you will find many excuses to take pictures of your dreams. You will find it difficult not to keep pressing the shutter!

On the long sandy beach that separates Ria Formosa from the sea, you will find some beautiful, almost deserted beaches, while the natural park that stretches for more than 60 kilometers between the Ancão peninsula and Manta Rota beach has 1,500 species of creatures. 


The feathers of the timid and the kingfisher, the showy feathers, the chameleon, and the colors of the places where they pass, and the warm and fuzzy Portuguese water dogs are just some ordinary residents. 



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