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Monday, 23 November 2020

Portugal: requests for food aid in the Algarve increased


Lusa News Agency reported that requests for food aid in the southern Algarveregion of Portugal have increased. 


Due to insufficient storage space, the support of NGO Refood in Faro is not enough to help all families. 


Lusa said that every afternoon, several families line up at the entrance of the institution’s base to wait for food. This is an old house in the center of Faro provided by a local family. 


The delivery was carried out in two shifts. In the second shift, there were more than a dozen families, many of whom were underage, and requested support. 


Paula Matias, Refood director in Faro, said that 300 families are receiving food assistance, but the NGO cannot help all families seeking help."We have a place where we can buy food, but we stopped responding a week and a half ago, but we did not have enough space to store the food. We have a partner in the hotel industry that provides us with a large amount of frozen food, and we There is no room for a freezer," she said. 


Banco Alimentar, the country’s main food banking organization, said requests for help have also increased in the past few weeks. Nuno Alves, the coordinator of Banco Alimentar do Algarve, told Lussa that Banco Alimentar is currently supporting approximately 25,000 people. He fears that many hotels will be closed in the coming months, which means that requests for help may increase.

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