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Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Italy: Low birth rate will further plunge

The head of the national statistical agency ISTAT, said at a parliamentary hearing on Tuesday that in the COVID-19 pandemic, Italy's already low birth rate will further decline. 


Gian Carlo Blangiardo said: ''It is reasonable to assume that the climate of fear and uncertainty and the increasing materiality (related to employment and income) caused by recent events The dilemma will have a negative impact on the birth decisions of Italian couple.'' 


"According to the forecast of the Italian National Bureau of Statistics (ISTAT), by 2019, the birth rate of 420,000 infants registered in Italy is the lowest level uniformly nationwide in 150 years, and this year may drop to about 408,000. Among them, December was conceived in March. The impact of falling rates. Recent trends. "By 2021, this number may further drop to 393,000 births" he added.

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