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Friday, 13 November 2020

Austria to adopt stricter coronavirus measures from Monday


Austrian media reported on Friday that as the number of infections and hospitalizations increases, Austria's coronavirus shutdown is bound to intensify. 


Ten days after adopting a series of shutdown measures on November 3, Austria will further tighten its nationwide coronavirus measures. 


The government is already waiting to see the impact of the initial measures. However, as infections continue to surge-Austria hit the highest total number of days in history on Thursday-the government will meet to discuss how to further strengthen the shutdown.

It is expected that new measures will be taken from Monday. 


Der Standard reports that shops and service industries such as hairdressers are likely to fail. 


Although most types of stores are allowed to continue to operate, in the current closed state, this is not the case in March. 


All stores except pharmacies and supermarkets have been forced to close. 


Schools may also be forced to return to distance education or start classes at different times to minimize the risk of infection.

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