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Monday, 23 November 2020

Athens announced the first round of economic relief package


In order to make businesses hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, the city of Athens announced the first round of support actions worth 1 million euros. 


The plan is part of a 40 million euro Covid-19 rescue plan that aims to strengthen the city's economy during and after the coronavirus crisis.


The municipality is working with trade agencies, federations and chambers of commerce to ensure the best allocation of funds to its members. 


According to the municipality, trade institutions and associations based in Athens are eligible for immediate action, and member companies will be the main beneficiaries and will therefore benefit indirectly.


The first round of actions include:

 -Establish a cooperation mechanism to support local enterprises 

-Promote a collaborative culture between members/companies 

-Improve members/company's awareness of new market conditions and needs 

–Provide special certifications and accreditations so that member companies can direct their activities to new target markets 

-Improve the visibility and competitiveness of members/companies through dedicated brand design actions. 


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