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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Valencia : chef Soler won World Paella Day Cup


Valencian chef Chabe Soler won this year’s World Paella Day Cup. He defeated the traditional Paella Valencian in the Valencia final on Sunday. Italy. 


Soler is the chef of El Pinedo's family-run restaurant La Ferrera. She started the competition with squid, prawns and pumpkin rice, which was her first dish in La Ferrera.

She said it was a tribute to her brother-in-law Quick, who had been supporting her and sister Lola in the restaurant. This dish was enough to beat the Japanese chef Masaru Yuki of the Paella restaurant in the quarter-finals. 


In the semi-finals, Soller met Australian chef Leno Tarulo in the restaurant Simply Spain, and won the round with his Arrós de la Senyoreta. Who makes the world move forward.

In the final, she faced Italian chef Mateus Coelho from Albufera restaurant, who won the day with her paella. 


Soler said: "For me, paella is not only a dish, it means unity, it is a day of gathering with friends and family, this is a day of festivals, a day of unity, and it is like today. On such days, like this, Paella (Valenciana) will not be absent. 


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