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Sunday, 11 October 2020

Spain: More than 5 million citizens under new covid-19 restrictions

The increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Spain is accelerating the introduction of new confinement rooms across the country.

Currently, the restrictions introduced are not as severe as the first wave, when the central government implemented a state of alert and saw that the Spanish could only stay at home for a few months. However, as the spread of the virus continues to increase, a perimeter blockade is being established.

Currently, in addition to going to work, school or university, more than 5.2 million Spaniards (4.7 million of whom are in the Madrid area) are prohibited from leaving the municipality. The most recent areas to adopt such measures are the cities of León in Castile and León, Palencia and San Andrés de Rabanedo, and La Almonía Dona in Aragon. Godina City. Experts warn that perimeter imprisonment is necessary when transmission increases, but these imprisonments are not enough if there are no social restrictions in the blocked area.

There are 9 restricted cities in Castile-León. Although the area’s average incidence rate was 374 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in two weeks, Palencia’s incidence rate was 536 and Leon’s incidence rate was 510. The latter’s mayor, José Antonio Díez of the Socialist Party (PSOE), confirmed on Monday that residents are aware that these restrictions may be occurring. He said: “We firmly accept them because the common goal is to overcome the pandemic and reduce the high infection rate.” Mario Simón of Ciudadanos (citizen), the mayor of Palencia, also accepted these measures. He said: "Based on the data in the past few weeks, the situation has fundamentally changed, or it is just a matter of time." 

The Castile-León regional government has implemented the most restrictive measures using the new guidelines of the Ministry of Health: more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants every two weeks, the PCR positive rate exceeds 10%, and the intensive care unit exceeds 35% (Intensive Care Unit) beds are occupied. But other regions have already taken action before exceeding these limits. Most of Spain’s regional governments agreed to these limits last week, and the central government enforced them through the Official Journal (BOE). 



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