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Friday, 16 October 2020

Portugal: Madeira’s roads network is excellent

Pedro Fino, the regional secretary for infrastructure and equipment, said that Madeira’s roads are exemplary in terms of planning, financing, construction, modernization and maintenance, while emphasizing that “safe and reasonable” traffic is allowed. “Madeira’s rugged terrain has always been a major obstacle to population mobility, but in the past two decades, people have made great efforts to build new road infrastructure, which has resulted in improved transportation convenience. Major changes," Fino said. 

Speaking at a reception for 30 members of the Northeast Slovenian Highway Association of Slovenia in Funchal, he emphasized the "great challenges" posed by the "natural features" of the network of roads, tunnels and bridges. He said: "Madeira is undoubtedly an example of planning, financing, building, modernizing and maintaining roads that allow safe and reasonable traffic."

The Northeast Road Association of Slovenia was established in Maribor, Slovenia in 1985, bringing together elements from various business fields, including construction and transportation professionals and amateurs. Since the autonomous region is a "model" of road investment, the purpose of visiting Madeira is to share knowledge. 

Pedro Fino emphasized that next year the European Council president will be divided between the two countries-Portugal in the first semester and Slovenia in the second semester-so it is important to show the country "structural Excellent use of the structure "funds in the region, which help develop and improve the quality of life of the people"

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